This site houses fanlistings I own and maintain, and currently consists of 47 fanlistings, plus 1 upcoming. It has a total of 1488 members, with 0 waiting to be added. Also, I have already joined 474 fanlistings.
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2019-10-30: The collectives directory.

My fanlisting collective is now a part of E P H E M E R A L, the newly-opened directory for collectives which is run by Ainna. :г…‚:

2019-03-18: Server down.

My database server crashed, the hosting provider took the server offline and are restoring the databases now. ETA is unknown. Sorry for the inconvenience. :~_~:

2018-07-31: The Aizen Sousuke & Hirako Shinji fanlisting updated.

My Aizen Sousuke & Hirako Shinji fanlisting was moved to a new address and it also has a new layout to mark the occasion. This fanlisting was opened on 31st July 2008, so it’s 10 years old.

2018-06-26: New fanlistings.

Two new fanlistings opened, including the fanlisting for the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. This is one of my favourite sci-fi series of all time.

2017-05-04: Two new video games fanlistings.

Hurrah! I just opened two new fanlistings for the games The Banner Saga and its sequel The Banner Saga 2, which I love dearly. In other news, my very first fanlisting was opened on March 2007, which makes this website 10 years old.

I can hardly believe it! How time flies!