This site houses fanlistings I own and maintain, and currently consists of 47 fanlistings, plus 1 upcoming. It has a total of 1474 members, with 0 waiting to be added. Also, I have already joined 474 fanlistings.
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Before you download anything, be sure to read the rules carefully. If you encounter problems, feel free to contact me.

1. No credits required, but please do not claim my graphics as your own.
2. Be sure to save the pictures on your own hard drive. No direct linking. ^^

Icon textures

All of these are 100×100.


Here be some of the icons made by yours truly. Please, mind that sections marked with * (asterisk) contain yaoi or shounen-ai themes (male x male romantic relationships). You’ve been warned, so watch at your own risk.

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Web layouts

I usually create web layouts to use them as a specific fanlisting or site, but from time to time it just so happens that the layouts stay unused and collect dust on my hard drive. So I’ve decided to share them here. Before you download anything, be sure to read these rules:

1. Do not redistribute without my permission.
2. Do not claim my work as your own.
3. You can make any changes that you want to the code or graphics, but please keep the credits links.