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2015-09-20: Custom fonts for your fanlistings.

How do I use custom fonts on my fanlisting pages? Well, that’s really quick and simple, and you only need some basic coding skills.

Firstly, choose a font. You may take one from your Windows “Fonts” folder or download it from the Internet. There are a plenty of websites with free fonts in the web, such as, and others. For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to use a font called Source Sans Pro designed by Adobe, downloaded from Font Squirrel. So, visit one of these websites that I mentioned, download the zipped archive with a font (or fonts) that you prefer, and extract all files. You will probably get several font varieties from one archive. From those, choose a font style/variety that you like. I’m going to pick SourceSansPro-Light.otf. More »

2015-08-08: Layouts updated.

I’ve updated the layouts for the fanlistings for Ip Man, The Witcher, and Toshiro Mifune.

2014-11-01: How to integrate WordPress and Enthusiast.

This is written for WordPress version 4.0 and Enthusiast 3.1.5, a popular fanlisting management script. In this tutorial we’re going to create two WordPress pages to display lists of our owned and joined fanlistings. I’m not a computer programmer, I do everything by trial and error, so please no complaints about how shitty the code is. More »

2013-02-11: Enthusiast script and WordPress 3.

Fanlistings for the relationship between Kurosaki Ichigo and Zaraki Kenpachi and for video game Skyrim have new layouts. I uploaded some new codes to Aizen Sousuke/Hirako Shinji fanlisting.

What’s more, I’ve upgraded my old WordPress to the recent version and found out that some Enthusiast‘s script functions overlap with WordPress codes. So I fixed this little error by renaming said functions within Enthusiast files. If you encountered the same problem, feel free to download the edited files: 39.03 kB

2012-12-12: Closed fanlistings.

Fanlistings for the characters Fuura Kafka and Nue, as well as for Boku no Koe series, were closed. Forms sent as of 12/12/2012. I will keep members lists, in case anyone would want to reopen the fanlistings in future (in which case just drop me an e-mail).