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2018-07-31: The Aizen Sousuke & Hirako Shinji fanlisting updated.

My Aizen Sousuke & Hirako Shinji fanlisting was moved to a new address and it also has a new layout to mark the occasion. This fanlisting was opened on 31st July 2008, so it’s 10 years old.

2018-06-26: New fanlistings.

Two new fanlistings opened, including the fanlisting for the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. This is one of my favourite sci-fi series of all time.

2017-05-04: Two new video games fanlistings.

Hurrah! I just opened two new fanlistings for the games The Banner Saga and its sequel The Banner Saga 2, which I love dearly. In other news, my very first fanlisting was opened on March 2007, which makes this website 10 years old.

I can hardly believe it! How time flies!

2016-01-10: WordPress and Enthusiast Troubleshooting.

I got a couple of questions on my tutorial How to integrate WordPress and Enthusiast. Let’s say you copy and paste the php code on your page and it shows as simple text. Then you are either:

  • Using the visual editor, please see step 4 of the tutorial.
  • Have a problem with the WordPress plugin.

It’s absolutely possible that the plugin «Insert PHP» might not work for whatever reason. I like «Insert PHP» because it’s very simple, i.e. you just have to post any code that you want between [insert_php] and [/insert_php], and voilà. But if it doesn’t work, just use any other plugin that allows to run php in the WordPress posts, there are a lot of those here.

2015-09-20: Custom fonts for your fanlistings.

How do I use custom fonts on my fanlisting pages? Well, that’s really quick and simple, and you only need some basic coding skills.

Firstly, choose a font. You may take one from your Windows «Fonts» folder or download it from the Internet. There are a plenty of websites with free fonts in the web, such as, and others. For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to use a font called Source Sans Pro designed by Adobe, downloaded from Font Squirrel. So, visit one of these websites that I mentioned, download the zipped archive with a font (or fonts) that you prefer, and extract all files. You will probably get several font varieties from one archive. From those, choose a font style/variety that you like. I’m going to pick SourceSansPro-Light.otf. More »