This site houses fanlistings I own and maintain, and currently consists of 47 fanlistings, plus 1 upcoming. It has a total of 1436 members, with 0 waiting to be added. Also, I have already joined 469 fanlistings.
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I’ve decided to part with the following:

  • Wonderwice Margera (Bleach character). I liked Wonderwice at first, but his release form, shown in the newest chapters, is just plain creepy. =_=
  • Usami Maki. Again, I loved her work a couple of years ago, but now is a different story.
  • Kai Tsurugi. Not so sure about this fanlisting, but if I find a good application, I would consider adopting it out. You can keep the extra content, of course (biography information and etc.).

The rules are usual: make a new layout and be a fan, not a collector. ^_^ Also necessary:

  • Have the fanlisting up in 3 weeks.
  • In the application, include your website URL and a collective script you use.

Not necessary but very much appreciated:

  • Contact me before adopting it out in future.
  • E-mail current members to notify them of the move.
  • Credit me as the previous owner.

Please, send emails via the contact form.