Yuuko Ichihara OMG

While checking broken links to my joined fanlistings, I’ve accidentally noticed that Yuuko Ichihara fanlisting was closed. :~_~: Bad news for me as a fan, but good knews for me as a long-time wannabe Yuuko listing owner. ^^ God, let me get her fanlisting! *daydreaming* Although I have absolutely no luck in that matter, so better not make universal plans. It seems that there’s no L fanlisting as well, so – Death Note lovers, don’t waste your chance. It has been opened for application since 13th February.

As for other news, Bleach icons updated and Hatsukare fanlisting is opened. Please join if you are fan, and read the cutest series ever, if you haven’t. :ㅇ=ㅇ:

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