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2010-02-08: Another major fanlistings update.

A bunch of new fanlistings opened, including the fanlisting for The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski, whose books I put almost on a par with Tolkien’s fantasy novels. And two listings I’ve created for the characters of hilarious anime and manga Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye, Despair Teacher).

I’ve also checked all joined fanlistings (wow, so many of them!), updated a lot of broken links and had to re-join some.

2009-12-04: Bleach-related fanlisting for adoption.

After a bit of thinking I’ve decided that it’s time to adopt out one of my fanlistings. -_-. I’ve just realised that nowadays I don’t like the subject as much as I should. ^^ So, looking for a new owner for: — the relationships between Ishida Uryuu and Kurotsuchi Nemu (Bleach series characters)


  • Be a fan, not a collector. ^_^
  • In the application, include your website URL and a collective script you use.

Not neccessary but very much appreciated:

  • Please, keep the list of members.
  • Contact me before adopting it out in future.
  • E-mail all current members to notify them of the move.

Please, send emails via the contact form.

2009-11-18: The Nightmare Exam renovation.

Yesterday I updated layout and added several codes to Kou Kijin fanlisting. The fanlisting looks much better now, curtainly not old-fashioned and ugly. :) What’s more, I uploaded new icons to Spice and Wolf section.

2009-10-14: The Lord of the Rings Online fanlisting.

A new fanlisting created, dedicated to an amazing online game The Lord of the Rings Online. Again, it’s a miracle that there was NONE fanlisting for it. I wonder why.

Sorry for a long downtime of the whole website. I just didn’t… err… have enough money on my credit card to pay for webhosting renewal. ^^

2009-06-06: Long Time No See.

Two new fanlistings owned, both for television series; created some more avatars with Yuiko in Loveless section; and, what’s more, I am happy to announce our new lovely affiliate — Juxtapose.

P.S. As for Yuuko, I was obviously rejected. ^^ Stupid me. ^_^